Seller Services

Seller Services

Would like to sell your property

If you are owner of the property and would like to sell, you could post your property details down below, at free of cost. Once we validate the property details, if the property matches any of our customer's requirements, then we will bring seller and buyer on the same platform. However, before posting your property, please go through WikiHyd criteria. If you own any venture let us know if we can do group up.

Post Your Property Details

WikiHyd Criteria

  • You should be the owner, this is not for brokers.
  • Your property should not have any legal issues and willing to provide any additional information. Should have clear title
  • Must have appropriate government body approvals. (For example, any Gram Panchayt approvals are not acceptable, it must have either HMDA or DTCP approvals).
  • We encourage owners to be transparent and discuss about the property advantages & disadvantages.
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