Get the clarity you deserve. WIKIHYD extends the scientific
approach to high returns in real estate.

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Real estate is a subject,

study before investing

WIKIHYD offers you the deeply researched expertise for a
profitable investment in real estate.

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Grasp the Real Value,

not the Hype

Banking on the knowledge base of WIKIHYD, you'll
intelligently identify the right property.

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Logic reap high returns

not speculation

Leverage upon the logical parameters derived by WIKIHYD to
venture into a profitable property investment.

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Real estate is a science

not a coincidence

WIKIHYD extends some precise and logical methodologies to
reap high returns in real estate.

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About Us

We at WikiHyd have a lot of passion towards real estate. After doing extensive research, we have successfully innovated a methodical approach by treating Real Estate as a science. This approach has sound influential scientific parameters, that will provide the right investment opportunities for any investor.

This kind of innovative approach opened the doors to a new concept of Real Estate Counselling, where we are the first of this kind. Out of our passion towards real estate, we have served thousands of satisfied customers. Our scientific approach has been proven to reap more benefits with absolutely zero risks, when compared to average real estate growth in the last decade.

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Personalized Counseling

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Our Services

Personalized Counseling

This is the starting point to the asset building. WIKIHYD understands the client profile and requirements

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Analysis Services

WIKIHYD can provide detailed reports of each property such as growth factors and the hidden

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Verification Services

WIKIHYD provides verification and Legal opinion services for any property in both Telugu States

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Delegate Services

For most of the buyers especially NRIs, it is difficult to search, verify the project and go through

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I was searching for a good investment in Hyderabad Real Estate. We tried a couple of websites and agents but was quickly frustrated after I realised that there was a lot of irrational pricing and misinformation in the real estate sector.

My wife stumbled on some wikihyd videos on youtube and we were pleasantly surprised by the logical reasoning and analysis of various regions in Hyderabad and the factors that impact a good investment. We booked a counselling session and Mr. Dileep asked about our interests, investment horizon and then guided us in making a shortlist of areas to explore that were suitable for our budget and risk appetite. We struck a great rapport - for the first time, we were dealing with professionals in real estate who understood the market and were willing to advice customers for win-win opportunities. Over the past couple of months, mr. Sriram from wikihyd helped us make investments in both plots and commercial space. He took care of things every step of the way - identifying the locality, narrowing down the properties, weighing the pros and cons, evaluating future growth opportunities, checking legal documents, verifying compliance with hmda master plan, price negotiation and registrations. He was always candid, honest to a fault and never shied from telling us the harsh truth. There are risks and opportunities that are unique to this sector and having a partner like wikihyd in this journey is a great booster. I wish the wikihyd team have a great success - they are the best I have seen and they deserve all the name and fame !!

Ravindra Pindikura (IT Consultant)


My Name is Uday by profession am Software Engineer. In 2012, I am looking for investment opportunities for around 10 lakhs along with my office colleagues at that point of time explored lot of options.

Mr.Dileep (WikiHyd, MD) was our team mate at that point of time, he is very passionate about real estate market and always analyze investment opportunities methodically and is able to see what will be available in next 10 years. He helped us to take better choice by showing HMDA master plan and how Hyderabad growth can be anticipated in next 10 years. Along with me our colleagues bought around 20 plots in Mokila. In general, Dileep used to suggest best investment opportunities even though he moved to USA. In 2019, Dileep moved to India and make WIKI Hyd growing as a first professional service a organization in real estate in India. Again, I have approached WikiHyd in 2019 to sell my Mokila plot, within 30 days, I am able to re-sell my plot with more than 600% appreciation. Afterwards, I reinvested this amount in Gollur venture through WikiHyd. My co-brother and one of my friends had a discussion with Mr.Dileep and invested in the same venture and both are very happy with the way WikiHyd executed things. We are looking forward to invest in WikiHyd future projects to reap out more benefits in short duration with zero risk.

Uday Koneti (SR. Architect)


I am local of hyderabad and been observing the market from a long time but never really made investment for 2 reasons 1. budget 2. areas where I can afford never really understood, as the supply is always more in the city;

so what basis I make a decision! So i went with questions for counselling, though I thought why would I need it, as I already know the market; but I went and has been clarified with a logic, not based on speculations like most do; that sort of helped me to open up my mind. After understanding the new perspective, researched in that process but other general issues is how we can get at reasonable price not inflated, I have been repeatedly told to search for reasonable price don't go for high pricing ventures which is surprising isn't it - that authenticates WIKIHYD genuinely want to help not behind money and after, around 3-6 months, they called me and told about a venture- I had many apprehensions initially as I was dealing with them for first time, but they patiently answered every question clarified the process and everything was done smoothly and legally. If its not WIKIHYD I do not think that I would have invested in hyd- Thanks a lot to the entire team- you are making difference in Real estate market!!

Sugunakar Sheelam (Government Employee)

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