About Us

Dileep Javvaji, Founder

Dileep Javvaji has lot of passion towards real estate. After doing extensive research, he has innovated methodical approach by treating Real Estate as science. The approach has influential scientific parameters, which will provide right investment opportunity for any investor.

This kind of innovative approach opened doors to the new concept of Real Estate Counseling (WIKIHYD is first of this kind). Out of passion towards realestate, he has served thousands of customers. His scientific approach is proven to reap more benefits with zero risk, when compared to average real estate growth, for last one decade.

Dileep is having versatile experience in different domains like Teaching, IT sector, Software Development, Software Engineering Management, and Real Estate. He has worked at world class companies such as Oracle and worked in India and the USA as well. He came back, all the way from USA and found his passion into his profession through WIKIHYD.

WikiHyd Research

Scientific Subject

WikiHyd has done extensive research in the 'Traditional Real Estate' process, to identify gaps, pitfalls/traps, common mistakes etc., and developed science to do right investments in the Real Estate sector.

With the help of the developed scientific parameters, Real Estate Buyers/Investors can avoid the traps and pitfalls of the Traditional Real Estate process and can successfully own genuine properties, thus realizing their dreams.

Market Analytics

WikiHyd has an expert analysis team that does extensive research covering in-depth market trends and covers wider property avenues. WikiHyd enables customers to make fact-based decisions by getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

WikiHyd uses technology infrastructure that provides reliable, robust and relevant information extracted from historic data. Exposure to Risk management.

Transparency in Real Transactions

WikiHyd provides a 'Real' Platform where Sellers and Buyers are directly involved in transactions. This avoids unnecessary layers between the Seller and Buyer, thus reducing the gap, processing time and complexities.

WikiHyd maintains utmost Fairness and Transparency in these transactions, enabling both the parties to gain Trust. This creates a Win-Win situation where both Seller and Buyer benefit from each other.

Legal Approval Processes

Another major area where Buyers lack awareness and usually end up spending a lot of time, effort and resources to know and understand is 'Legal Approval Processes'. WikiHyd has a strong database of all the 'Legal Approval Processes' and intends to spread this knowledge to its customers. The aim is to help its customers save a lot of Time, Manual Effort and resources.

WikiHyd intends to educate customers, provide support and smoothen up the whole process. This would greatly cut-short the processing time for buyers. and parties involved in that matter.

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